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2019 Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show(KIMES)

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 JS-ON Co., Ltd. was participated in KIMES 2019 which was held from 14, March to 17, March in COEX, Korea, and the HIPER-1000 will be launched within this year was presented by the booth with Korea University Anam Hospital Medical Device Innovation Center.



 The wave energy treatment device the ‘HIPER’, manufactured by JS-ON Co., Ltd. is a hospital equipment which has an excellent treatment effect on musculoskeletal disease. The product is improved safety and effectiveness when the patient receive treatment by using insulated electrode that special materials coating so that minimize adverse effect, and using our originally technology, A-IPM, that raise diathermy effectiveness with automatically variable frequency and output according to bio impedance.

 JS-ON Co., Ltd. has conducted the clinical test by using the ‘HIPER’ device with Korea University Anam Hospital (Knee), Saumsung Medical Center (Low back), Chonbuk National University Hospital (Shoulder pain), and submitted the abroad SCI thesis associated with each clinical test result.


 JS-ON Co., Ltd. has received much attention from buyers and hospital officials at home and abroad through the effectiveness of the ‘HIPER’ device and a high satisfaction from patients after treatment.

Based on high interest at home and abroad, JS-ON Co., Ltd. is striving to expand its domestic market and overseas market, and is expected to invest more in 2020 KIMES exhibition to reflect that.



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