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 JS-ON CO., LTD. presented ‘HIPER-1000’ at an Arab Health 2019 which was held on last January 28-31 in Dubai, Arab emirates united.


 ‘HIPER-1000’ is a medical device that helps pain and inflammation relief by transmitting the wave energy to human body and shows outstanding effectiveness in various musculoskeletal pain and inflammation relief. This model is reduced size and weight in previous model so that movement is more convenient. An ergonomically designed hand piece is reduced fatigue level when used by therapist.


 JS-ON have ensured safety by minimizing the side effects of treatment using ‘A-IPM’ which is their original technology and insulated electrodes, and have demonstrate effectiveness through clinical test conducted at KOREA UNIVERSITY ANAM HOSPITAL(Inflammation disease), SAMSUNG MEDICAL CENTER(Musculoskeletal back pain), CHONBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL(Shoulder joint pain).




 Through minimized side effects, treatment’s excellent efficacy, patient’s higher satisfaction after treatment, JS-ON Co.,Ltd. is making headway into the overseas market including Taiwan, Mongolia, Vietnam, etc. and has been well received in the domestic market. JS-ON Co.,Ltd. is actively expanding its market to help more patients who suffer pain. 

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